A lot of approaches and methodologies have come into the field of software quality assurance and choosing the right approach brings in a major impact in the final outcome. At Pyroferus, though we are well-equipped and experienced in the various methodologies, the choice is based on the client’s testing needs.

Waterfall Testing methodology

The waterfall methodology goes through sequence of stages from requirements analysis, design, implementation and testing. This method of testing demands complete product documentation even before the code is written. This methodology can be chosen for projects that are of short-term and have full specifications in place.

Agile Testing methodology

Agile methodology for testing is chosen when there is a need for close synchronization with the development team. The testing team has to constantly adapt and respond to the changes happening at the software development end. The software release cycles are short, which help in minimizing the risks. This also puts a pressure of rigorous testing during each of the iteration. Frequent communications and iterations are the guiding principles of this methodology, than the processes and tools. QA tester is an indispensible part of the entire software development process. A dedicated QA tester as part of the onsite or remote team works in best favor for the Agile methodology.

RAD Testing methodology

When there is a need for more emphasis on efficiency and user interface, the Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology can be chosen. Incorporating RAD testing becomes easier, when the entire software development lifecycle has been divided into discrete functional components.

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