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Our QA process is a holistic lifecycle involving various validation and verification processes, focusing on achieving maximum quality. The technical expertise that we possess, along with our sound management practices enables us to be open to customer requirements, extending them maximum benefits in productivity, quality and cost savings.

The QA process is governed by the chosen software testing methodology, but in general adheres to the following stages.

Requirements analysis:

The initial phase in which the QA team works closely with the clients, to understand their testing needs. The test able aspects of the product and the parameters to be used are defined during the initial knowledge transfer.

Test planning:

Once the requirements are determined, the planning phase kicks off. A detailed test plan is created. This includes finalizing the test strategy, building up the team, and setting up the team environment.

Test design:

Based on the test plan, the test procedures, test scenarios, test cases, test scripts are documented. The test data sets are identified and documented.

Test execution:

Based on the test plan and the test design, the QA team executes the software and documents the errors and bugs.

Test reporting:

On completion of the testing, the final reports on the test effort are submitted to the client.

Test result analysis:

The test result from the QA team is analyzed with the client to ascertain the defects that are to be assigned, fixed and deferred.

Defect Retesting:

The defects and bugs that are fixed by the client are again retested by the QA team.

Test Closure:

After the iterations, when the software meets the exit criteria, the test comes to the closure. The test closure includes the activities like generating metrics, capturing the results, logs, key outputs and archiving all these in a document. This helps as a reference for the future and as a tool for identification of areas of improvement.

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