Pyroferus Technologies provides well managed and cost-effective services that will help you to reach your business goals. Our combination of excellent services and highly skilled techies offers you an absolutely top-quality, yet affordable solution for all your complex business needs.

We are extremely glad to work closely with our clients - in listening to their requirements, addressing their business challenges and using their feedback to help guide software enhancements thus providing relevant and reliable solutions. Our standards and quality procedures have helped us achieve complete customer satisfaction across the World.

So, choosing us is working together in shaping the future of your business.


Sharpening Our Services to Shape Your Business

The time has come when the world is in need of customized technology support to build business. Does your business require –?

Pyroferus Technologies - a fast developing solution provider is spreading a helping hand through specialized services in the technology front, worldwide. Offering With high-tech and customized services including ITG, Application Development, Product Development and Training, Pyroferus Technologies can provides well managed and cost-effective solutions to help progress your business. With the growing technology, grows our zeal to develop Software and services to shape our clients business.

The secret behind our innovation is touching quality and the zeal to do things differently.Our services incorporate the below.

ITG – to ensure smooth functioning and to achieve desired results, it's compulsory to go for Third Party Testing before it is installed for the common use. Pyroferus is proud to offer strictly process oriented Manual and Automated testing to the client and to the end user. Extending our support to Banking, Capital Markets, Share Trading, Insurance, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Media, Retail, Travel, Healthcare, Education etc, we perform the following ITG application:

Application Development – be it commercial websites, service, education or back office tasks, Pyroferus can amalgamate and synchronize the various parts of the custom based enterprise software requirements. Supreme quality is our primary goal and top-notch technology is what we deploy achieve it.

ALM Product – To ease up the vicious circles of software testing, data collection, manual works and to zero-down the probabilities of errors, Pyroferus is giving life to Application Life Cycle Management. With the help of this simple app, you can get rid of you manual documentation and tracking.

HR System – Pyroferusis completely understand the hardship face by small and medium companies to set up a fool proof HR system at office. This is why we have come up with a solid solution for you. Our portable and flexible web based application provides an absolute suite for managing various internal activities including recording employee information, time sheet, task management, general notifications, and query tracking.

Training - Pyroferus is happy to enrich your professional life with touching quality of our direct and online training modules. With the help of our well experienced Technical Trainers, we have designed our training programs to cover all the concepts with real time application. We are proud to state that our training process earned us completely satisfied clients all over the world.We have all these services lined up for all our clients. If you wish to better your business, we are glad to help you. Together, let’s work to shape up your business.

A solid clientele and their testimonial are the best proof of our impressive services.


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