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Make Your Product Fool-Proof with ITG

One must understand that software development and testing are two separate and opposite sides of the software development process. Every program must undergo a third party testing to be a perfect one.

How does the testing matter?

The usual practice is that the developer him selves tests the program and does not bother to have an independent software testing. But, there are issues he would miss as a tester. Testers and developers have different views of the problem, different approaches, and different objective. The person who writes the code knows its purpose and might know the technical aspects very well. But the end result is always meant for the common people. For instance - there are many ways to receive a program; developer forgets to test one of it, the program fails! A program should be user friendly and only an outsider (other than the programmer) can test its user friendliness. The programmer aim is to create an executable program and the tester works to make it fool-proof.

But why an Independent Test Group? Let’s try to understand the issue in the light of a real life example.

X, an anti-virus company upgrades its existing program to yield better performance. After numerous test runs, the company release it in the market. Y, a renowned corporate company uses this anti-virus for office purposes. A trainee of company Y finds that the updated anti-virus program fails to detect some of the bugs that the earlier versions could. This issue was escalated to the anti-virus company.

Imagine such an issue arises with one of your program. What an embarrasing moment, right? User oriented programs are born when a tester makes sure that its user friendly. Only an ITG can ensure you a program is completely safe for deployment.

Pyroferus Technologies, the best Independent Test Group company in Chennai, can save you from an embarrassing moment. Our Independent Tester initially views the program as the beginner user would see it. We use the best software testing tools and the best automation tools to provide a flaw-free service. With our process oriented service, we help our clients develop executable programs and concentrate on development peacefully. Our growing clientele stands testimonial to it. ITG is just one of the many services we can offer you. Check out our website for more information.


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